Fundacja Stare Powązki

guide to historicOld Powązki

Stare Powązki (Old Powązki) is a symbol of Warsaw and one of the most important necropoli in Poland. The mission of the Stare Powązki Foundation is to preserve the heritage and historical character of the cemetery.

The Stare Powązki application serves as a valuable guide for residents and tourists. In cooperation with the Foundation, we have completely redesigned the mobile app, improving its architecture and making it much more intuitive for users. 




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Thematic routes

journey throughPolish history

While walking through Powązki, visitors can discover the final places of rest commemorating writers, poets, actors and actresses, musicians, politicians, activists and military leaders. Having the mobile app at hand, residents and tourists can learn more about the history of famous and distinguished Poles from many different perspectives.

The application offers more than 20 thematic routes. Each includes a short introduction, interactive map and list of significant graves, complete with detailed descriptions and audio guidance. In this way, all these routes provide a broader educational context and better understanding of Polish history.

What is more, many of the monuments, chapels and headstones were created by renowned sculptors and represent a wide range of styles, making Powązki not only a place of memory but also a unique open-air art gallery.

journey through Polish history

Patronage of graves

caring fora common heritage

One of the Foundation’s goal is to promote Powązki as an important part of national heritage and identity. Every individual can contribute to protection, conservation and restoration of the necropoli through the mobile app. How does it work?

The application will allow users to select a grave from the list, fill in a form and make donations. Becoming a patron of a specific grave does not only mean a financial support, but also a tribute to people who left indelible mark on Polish history, science or culture.

caring for a common heritage


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