poland’s firstcar wash in an app

Moxly is a startup car wash mobile app.

Thanks to the innovative, waterless washing method, they can work anywhere their clients need them be, ultimately saving their time and ensuring that the car looks like new.


web and app


research, ux, ui, development


service that allows car ownershave their cars washed

Moxly founders came to us with an idea. They wanted to create a service that would let busy, city-dwelling and discerning car owners have their cars washed while they are at work, shopping, or simply enjoying a film at the cinema.

Their business model relied on the service to be operated through the mobile and web application, by both the customers and Moxly team/ employees.

We needed to conceptualise, design, code and strategise the idea that we subsequently turned into a usable and functional product.

service that allows car owners have their cars washed


a mobile and web appas the key business tool

Moxly needed us to nurture their product from a conceptual idea phase to a complete service. From strategy, through brand name, copywriting, UX, graphic and communications design, mobile and web development to the backend.

We devised a mobile and web app as the key business tool: for order placement and payment platform on the end-customer’s side; and the respective washer assignment and process handling on the company’s side.

a mobile and web app as the key business tool

our contribution

what we have donefor this project

research & strategy

research & strategy

We started with first figuring out how to give the company founders’ the idea, in terms of an overall shape and looks. All the bases that we needed to cover were researched extensively and talked through in workshops. This resulted in a brand strategy centred around a great user experience.

user experience in hand with design

user experience in hand with design

We designed a mobile and web app with great UX, for both the customers and Moxly, at the centre. We came up with a custom algorithm for a dynamic washer assignment based on their GPS location and work zone in the city. It was crucial to optimise the job slots to make the transfer between assignments and resulting downtime the shortest possible.

mobile & web app, backend development

mobile & web app, backend development

We developed the native app for both Android and iOS devices. We devised the way for the app to integrate with multiple systems and data sources. We successfully implemented the full business model into the app, including Moxly’s entire range of services, order placement and order payment for the end-customer, service management, washer assignment and payment processing for the business.


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