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Solar Photovoltaics have become an increasingly popular solution for renewable energy production. As a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, solar energy helps companies and individuals to reduce their consumption from the electricity grid and lower negative impact on the environment.

FG Energy played an active role in these changes by producing and installing solar panels for their customers.


web and app


ui, development


monitoring and controlof installations

As a company committed to providing comprehensive customer service, FG Energy needed a tool to efficiently monitor energy production for end users.

On the other hand, the company lacked a sufficient system to manage and operate all installations and the data from the applications..

monitoring and control of installations


mobile applicationand CRM platform

Our task in the project was to propose and implement digital tools for FG Energy.

After analysing the needs of their end users, we created a mobile application that allowed them to:

  • monitor the performance of solar panels and electricity production in real time
  • manage agreements and installations
  • check the predicted energy production based on the weather forecast
  • send service requests

For FG Energy itself, we developed a CRM system to support the sales, monitoring and maintenance of existing solar PV installations.

mobile application and CRM platform

Our contribution

what we have donefor this project

frontend and backend development

frontend and backend development

On the server side, we had to determine how to handle data processing for both the mobile application and the CRM. We were also responsible for the frontend development of the CRM platform.

mobile app development

mobile app development

We developed a mobile application based on Flutter technology which allows building apps for Android and iOS platforms using a single codebase.

user interface design

user interface design

We prepared the graphic design of the application and the CRM panel so that both tools were functional and intuitive while ensuring a positive user experience.


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