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We appreciate working across industries of varying specialties, so we like people who think big, have imagination, and are at ease to meet the impossible.


ONGOINGWarsaw/Wroclaw or remotely

Dart/Flutter Developer

Requires experience building a complete app using the Flutter SDK

ONGOINGWarsaw/Wroclaw or remotely

UI Designer

Designing application interfaces and information architecture

ONGOINGWarsaw/Wroclaw or remotely

Fullstack Developer

At least 2+ years of experience in developing JAVA, Vue.js


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If there’s currently no job opening that you like, get in touch anyway! We’re always interested to meet talented and driven people!



why you shouldwork with us?


compact team

We’re not corporate and never intend to be. It helps a lot when things have their logic and order, but we don’t want to take it too far. We value open and direct communication, and hope it shines through our actions.


friendship factor

We like the people we work with. As a team, we take care to create a good flow and a harmonious balance with one another. And we know that it shows externally too, as many of the brands that teamed up with us return time and again exactly because of that.


unique projects

We usually develop projects from scratch, and more often than not, over a longer and sustained period of time. This way everyone involved can really contribute and work directly with the stakeholders. In respect to projects, we always try to go for the most efficient route possible.



It’s happened that people have started with us in one role and in a short time progressed to yet another. We never know how people might grow when they take on new responsibilities, but it’s always enjoyable to walk along this path together.

think big
think big

Think big is not just a phrase. It’s a new beginning of innovation. We embrace the idea of endless possibility, so we think even bigger.

our perks

benefitsand perks

Almost everybody now offers sports cards and other such perks, so we won’t go into that - simply ask us if we have it. Instead, have a look at what will make going to work every day exciting and ultimately put a smile on your face!


give it yourbest shot

Here’s to hoping you will end up here. Go ahead and tell us what we can do for you!