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Regardless of what laws and regulations you are responsible for, as a sports organization, you face the same problems: rules change, they need to be distributed, and there are many sources and versions. If we add multiple tools and the need to reach out globally with a message that is clear and always up-to-date - a great challenge appears. Now imagine there is a solution for this, a real gamechanger.


web and app


managingthe rules of sport

Most of you are doing your best to get the message across globally. Most often you work with PDF files and printouts. Unfortunately, PDFs are difficult to personalize and user-unfriendly. It's difficult to track updates, give feedback and browse. They are mobile-unoptimised, whereas the ease and practicality of any digital tool stay at the forefront of users’ bahaviour. Altogether, it makes the process impractical in a competitive environment. Not to forget that printouts are also environmentally-unfriendly. How to take the management process to the first league?
managing the rules of sport


rules of (any) sportin your pocket

Working with sports organizations on a daily basis, we develop a tool to respond to the difficult and far-from-perfect distribution process of regularly changing regulations. No matter if it’s general sport’s laws, specific tournament regulations or other changing guidelines - the Rules Of Sports App has everything to take the rules management and distribution to the highest level.
rules of (any) sport in your pocket


ROSARules Of Sports App


communication between users and the organisation

Language versions

entire content available in multiple languages

Competitions’ regulations

well-organised regulations, easy to upload and access

Rules & Changes

rules always up-to-date, amendments easy to track

Notes & Favourites

highlighing passages, adding personal notes, bookmarking favourites


building users’ database and sending notifications

Content features

photo, audio, and video content available for download



digital, modernand more

The Rules Of Sports App takes the management and distribution process to the first league. It gives quick & easy global access to the rules that are always up-to-date, and available to everyone interested. The content is customisable and highly usable whenever you need it. Being fully digital and modern is not a benefit, it's a must-have nowadays. And yes, it gives more than that, like building a user database for marketing communications.
digital, modern & more


Lukas Brudand David Elleray

Lukas Brud

After analysing and understanding the hassle of using printouts on the field of play, we decided to launch digitalised Laws. It was to give quick and easy access to the Laws, most importantly to the referees, both on- and offline.

Lukas Brud, The IFAB Secretary & CEO

David Elleray

Until now, referees, other match officials, and anyone interested in the Laws of the Game have had to rely on their printed or online versions. And accessing these using a web browser was not always convenient. Introducing the app is a true gamechanger for everyone.

David Elleray, The IFAB Technical Director

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