remote managementof shopping centres

iMall is an integrated platform consisting of a mobile application and a web CMS all in one. The tool created by Me & My Friends improves the functioning of shopping centres and allows for their remote management.

By streamlining the key processes and enabling live communication through this means facilitates the daily work of property managers, tenants and their employees along with support services such as maintenance and security teams.


web and app


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gaps in the marketof shopping centres

Carrying out the key business processes remotely, improving communication between shopping centre managers and tenants thus enabling facility management, along with instant exchange of information at a distance have become particularly important in these increasingly volatile times.

We noticed significant gaps in the market of shopping centre management tools, so we decided to take up the challenge.

gaps in the market of shopping centres


coherent mobileand web application

We focused on designing a platform consisting of a mobile and web application that will enable the efficient and effective management of the shopping centres and communication with its respective tenants.

This simple, modular and intuitive tool allows you to perform all the basic activities that are currently taking place through various communication channels.

coherent mobile and web application


shopping centresusing app

For the start, integration of the tool in 9 shopping centres with a total of 1,200 tenants.

shopping centres using app

Our Contribution

what we have donefor this project

research and understanding

research and understanding

Through interviews and workshops, we have created a list of the needs of directors / administration of the shopping centres, marketing, tenants and supporters of the centre - technicians and security staff. The key business processes in the daily operation of shopping centres have been mapped out. These needs were later translated into solutions.

user experience in hand with design

user experience in hand with design

The tool is designed so that form supports function. The layout was to be simple, user friendly, so that each type of user could move freely around the platform. Tailor-made to each type of user, the app was to deliver functions expected of a given role within the shopping centre. This was achieved by designing a modular tool.

mobile and web app, backend development

mobile and web app, backend development

iMall is both a mobile application for iOS and Android, as well as a web application - available for stationary devices for the managers of the centre, with full access to the tool's functions.

support, maintenance and enhancement

support, maintenance and enhancement

After designing and implementing the tool in the first 9 shopping centres, we constantly check and improve/ update iMall. We observe and ask how users use the given functions, with what intensification and we react to them through constant optimisation and development.


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